Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mexico 2015 Riu Jalisco Puerto Vallarta

A trip to Riu Jalisco Puerto Vallarta Mexico this year charged our bateries.

The weather was beautiful the average temperature is 25 degree in that area all year around. So after so much winter and cold was a welcomed change.

Funny thing the hotel is situated in a different region that the Airport and different time zone so a lot of tourists confused with the difference of time zone lost the plane in the past. For that reason the resort time is different from the rest of the region time.

Another funny thing is that the plane we arive with had beached painted on the fuselage. I thought that is funny.

The services are impeccable. Buses wait tourists at the airport and bring them to the hotel. The personal of the hotel offer you a drink when you arrive in the resort.

At night the shows are fun and of great quality.  From circus to national Mexican music.
The resort is situated close to a natural reservation so as a bonus we got to see a lot of exotic birds fishing and just present close to the beach which was a tourist delight.
In some days pelicans came in large number and swam close to the beach.  Another day a big turtle came from the sea and lay eggs on the beach.

 A large number of tourists took picture of her. After she covered the eggs she left back in the sea.
We have not seen the turtle on that beach before or after.

Puerto Vallarta as one of the most popular Mexican beach resorts, has been investing to protect the local environment by supporting local sea turtle protection programmes for thirty years.

Mexico has developed one of the most advanced sea turtle protection programmes globally. When you consider that tourism and travel to Mexico at the top position as the country's main export in North America's fastest growing economy, it was inevitable that there would be a marriage between tourism and environmental protection.

In Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco state, Vallarta hotels, restaurants and also tour operators, have joined forces making the annual turtle breeding season (which runs from about July to December), a new opportunity a new sustainable eco-tourism event.

Usually turtles lay eggs at night. and only one in one thousand survives. But since 1981 the government of Mexico organized an turtle rescue so they collect the eggs keep then until they hatches,

Created in 1981, the Puerto Vallarta sea turtle conservation programme now draws thousands of tourists to many different Mexican beach resorts on the Pacific coast. Many Puerto Vallarta hotels now actively participate in turtle conservation programs, where sometimes even travellers and local boats are allowed to participate. Many leading Puerto Vallarta hotels including Marriott Resort and Spa, Holiday Inn & smaller hotels such as Hotel Rosita, in Puerto Vallarta, provide guests with a unique opportunity to participate in this once in-a-lifetime experience.

Eggs are then collected and recorded by local officials and then are taken to hatcheries, where they are monitored, protected and cared for until their release.

The little turtles are release in the ocean with the assistance sometime of the tourists and the kids. Kids that release a turtle in the ocean have the honor to name the turtle and get a diploma for helping the turtle reach the ocean.

I believe for that reason the turtle changed their behavior and are not afraid of tourists and lay eggs on beaches largely populated during the day.

I am grateful for being able to see such a beautiful place.

The restaurant had an inside room and outside place where people eat. On the table there were offered sugar splenda and stevia for tourists. Birds in the morning were around and sometime stole one of the three switerers. Which one you think they liked? Stevia only. All threes were in the same place.

The flower in bloom are a delight for everyone, also all trees are watered daily.


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