Monday, September 14, 2015

Monkey Land Punta Cana Dominican Republic

A squirrel monkey habitat spanning 5 acres (2 hectares), managed by a Canadian couple with more than 35 years of experience caring for wildlife. Take a 45-minute tour of the grounds, including the on-site botanical garden home to native flowers and plants, and get to know the curious and intelligent monkeys that bound about cage-free.

There are 25 monkey in the park.
Some of them had babies in the last 2 months so the little one are on the back of their mother.

The Monkey Land Park is 2 and half years old. and for one year is available for the public to interact with the squirrel monkeys.
The Lady that trained them is considering them her babies.
She is very calm.
 We entered in the enclosure and the monkey come to us. We were asked not to grab them because they are so curious and like the cameras and the food that we were feeding them.

The monkey are very soft  curious and cute an playful. For them the pregnancy takes 5 and half months. They take care of the baby for 4 months and then they send them to be independent.
The mothers carry the baby for 2 months and feed them.
In the group the teenagers also care for the little ones so the mother take a break,

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