Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean as we know now was shaped by Phoenicians, Greeks and Etroscans in antiquity , by Genovese, Venetian and Catalans in the Middle Ages and by Dutch, English and Russian navies in the centuries before 1800.

After 1850 the Mediterranean became decreasing important in wider world of affairs and commerce.

Mediterranean Sea was known by different names by different peoples. The sea "between the lands" by the English, "Our sea" by the Romans, the White Sea by the Akdeniz Turks, The great Sea by the Jews, , "The Middle Sea" by the Germans, "The Great Green" by the ancient Egyptians Modern writers have added to the vocabulary epithets such as the "InnerSea", the Enriched Sea", The Friendly Sea", the Faithful Sea", The Bitter Sea", The Corrupting Sea, "The Bitter Sea".

The liquid continent like a real conține the embraces many people's cultures and economies within a space with precise edges.

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