Monday, April 3, 2017

Trees reaction

A tree is a living being and like all living beings, has an inseparable connection with the creation as a whole. Plants react to expression of human feelings. And according to the crest or ' s design they strive to do all within their Powe to met man's needs they bring firth fruits, and they arouse positive emotions in man with their flowers and they put oxygen into the air so that we can breathe. Plants have been granted another function very important. Plants which come into direct contact with an individual Man create for him a Space of true Love. The kind of Love without which life for the human race would be impossible. If there are a lot of them plants can cream for Man a significant Space of Love if they are of different varieties and man comunicate with them and approaches them with love, plants can create for man a significant Space of Love Wichita enhances the soul and make the body a whole.

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