Thursday, May 25, 2017

The top quarries and swimming holes near Toronto

Elora Quarry
Elora is about an hour's drive away, from Toronto making it a very busy place come summertime. The scenery is remarkable here, as the landscape appears both natural and artificial all at once. A beach area has been carved out on the south side of the quarry, though there are also rocks you can swim out to for the purposes of sunbathing.
St. Mary's Quarry
This former limestone quarry is considered Canada's largest freshwater swimming pool. There's a grassy area that serves as a beach, but the floating dock also sees lots of action as swimmers head there to take a plunge off the waterslide into the cool dark waters. There's also a nearby snack bar known as the Tiki Hut.
Grotto at Bruce Peninsula
Surely the most gorgeous place to swim in Ontario (if not the country), this grotto at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula requires a short hike to access, but it's completely worth the effort. Once there, you can swim in the marvellously blue water enclosed by rock faces that have formed through thousands of years of erosion.
Mamora Mine
Not for the faint of heart, this former mine attracts daredevils who jump from some of the ledges down into the cobalt water. Despite the amazing scenery, this a hidden gem. There's little by way of signage, no amenities, and you have to hike in around a fence, but it's still worth seeking out for its surreal appearance and clean water.
Kelso Conservation Area
Kelso Lake is a human-made reservoir that helps to control flooding of the nearby Sixteen Mile Creek. It's also a popular place to swim as its relatively small size leads to warm water temperatures throughout the season. The conservation area maintains a sandy beach and picnic areas on one end of the lake, which is also a destination for Stand Up Paddling on account of its calm waters.

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