Friday, June 30, 2017

Enlil from Nibiru in the Sumerian Tablet from Nineveh sitting at British Museum In London

Translated by Zakaria Sitchin one of the 200 human on Earth that could translate cuneiform writings.

Enlil journey is depicted on an unusual circular clef tablet found in the ruins of Nineveh presently kept at British Museum in London.

The artifact provides a unique depiction of the heavens in which the route of a Enlil from his place to Earth is described both graphically and in words. It is divided into eight segments . The information about Enlil journey is found in a segment that is undamaged.

At the segment ' s margins stars and constelația are named indicating the celestial space is out there. The writings on the sides suggest landing instructions.

The segment ' s center a route is drawn connecting the pictographs for muntos planet to a segment of the skies familiar from Sumerian Astronomy as Earth location.

The route course take a turn between two planets whose Sumerian names stand for Jupiter and Mars. And the statement in Akkadian under the rute line clearly say "The god Enlil went by the planets".

There are seven of them, accurately counted since for anyone coming into our Solar system from its outer range Pluto would be the first planet, counted, Neptune and Uranus second and third, Saturn and Jupiter four and fifth Mars the sixth and Earth the seventh.

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