Friday, June 30, 2017

The University of Oxford and the Sumerian Tablets

Ashmore an museum of art and archeology in Oxford England traces it's beginning to the donation in 1683 by Elias Ashmore of twelve cart loads of antiquarian collectibles A Noah's Ark of rarities.

The original collection diversified and grew to become the official institution of the University of Oxford. Two pieces are of most importance to the history of mankind and both record the Deluge or alias Noah's Flood.

Catalogue as WB -62 and WB-444 by Stephen Langdon in Oxford Edition of cuneiform texts (1923). WB -444 is a rare prism backed clef known as the Sumerian king lists.

The initial portion of the prism list kings in five pre deluvial cities. But the prism text states that those kings began to reign only after the Deluge when kingship was lowered gain from heaven. The list of rulers name the first five cities in the same order as does the tablet CBS 10673.

The first city was Eridu and the leader Nudimmud The second Bad - Tibiara ( Nugig) The third Lara (Pabilsag ) The forth Sipper (Utu). The fifth city Shuruppak (Sud).

This are the cities of God's and four of their sites have been found and escavated these are places before Deluge. A Deluge date circa 13000 years ago at 10950 B.C.

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