Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Oceans and the Environment

The. Most damaging for sea life are sonar testings in the water. Mostly done for and by the weapon complex. It is damaging for the fish water mamals and for the people. In the future all the technology will have the environment test for sustainability and we'll being of the planet. The large fishing ships are the second source of destruction of the oceans. Polution with oil and gases and and extraction from the water of large amounts of fish they did nothing to produce or maintain or care for to sell to markets that do not need the fish. Only people in close proximity of oceans and seas eat fish . Those that are further away eat produce that can be produced close to them. Trying to sell fish to people that are further away is a waist or greed or environmental destruction. Wager should regenerate from the oil polution and extraction. Oil companies should stop oil extraction from the seas and oceans.

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