Saturday, February 10, 2018

Battery Park New York Manhattan

(1) Wagner Park The 3.5-acre park is named for Robert F. Wagner Jr. who served in a number of civic positions including former NYC deputy mayor. This park is a mixture of neatly cut lawns and densely planted gardens. Paths and walkways weave through it, and several public works of art are located here. It is one of the airiest and open parks in NYC as it sits right next to the Hudson River. You might even forget for a minute that you are in the huge metropolis that New York City is. But then you look out into the distance and see the Statue of Liberty and you remember exactly where you are. (2) Eyes

This stark, modernist sculpture is aptly named. The EYES were placed in Wagner Park in 1995 and are the work of the artist, Louise Bourgeois. You aren’t the only one staring at the beautiful waterfront vista. So are these giant granite eyeballs. (3) The Esplanade and Park

The Esplanade runs along the Hudson River all the way from Battery Park to the southern boundary of TriBeCa at Chambers Street. Benches are placed along the path which is wide and has plenty of room for runners, cyclists, and casual walkers. There are many groomed lawns so bring a blanket and plop down for a picnic or just some sunbathing.

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