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Ancient Egypt Technological

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On 1798 Napoleon recruited 167 scientists and technicians to accompany the French fleet in the conquest of Egypt

And in 1801 Volta the so-called discoverer of the pile or battery vas given a medal. and a pension by Napoleon for his contribution.

The British invasion of Egypt in 1801 (followed by the massive theft of Egyptians artifacts found now at British Museum in London) seemed primarily aimed at stopping the French savants from exporting any more artifacts. It was viewed as a matter of National Security in those days.

Volta's discovery of the principle by which the died produced a stable electrical current is considered to be the greatest invention of the 19'th century.
The Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt defines djed as the Egyptian symbol of stability.
The died is a pillar with bands across the top and base.

This hieroglyphic symbol is associated with the Osirian mortuary cult practice of mummification. Serving as a powerful symbol in Egyptian Magic and reincarnation, the transformation of the physical being into its ethereal celestial form.

A died or battery is made by placing two dissimilar metals on either side of a piece of papyrus soaked in salt water or acid.

Great power can be realized by increasing the number of units.

For example, a single unit of zink.and cooper can produce 0.759 volts and the current has a greater magnitude than that produced by electrostatic machines.

Napoleon gave the Ecole Polytechnic University a battery with 600 units.

Passing voltage through all sorts of material experimenters using these batteries was able to produce any chemical reactions and split molecules like water into oxygen and hydrogen.

Egyptologists have long suspected the use of direct current in Egypt by the many examples of Electroplated jewelry and their knowledge of chemical processes.

The Egyptian word for electroplating of cell or and gold is sem

The ideograms convey the entire process.
Us an indicator of the electric current and a nub is a gold in solution.

"The Ankh African Origin of Electromagnetism" By Heru Ankh Ra Semarj  Sa Ptah

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