Friday, June 1, 2018

Egypt Saqqara The Step Pyramid

Saqqara – the ‘Step Pyramid’ of Zoser is 2,900 B.C. – say the books! Pyramid, in a courtyard, much older than pyramid itself. You can compare it yourself – if you look at the pyramid and look at the wall (of the courtyard) you can see the difference.
The Sun will reflect on this crystal tile (which is lying on the ground now) – this is what’s left of it – it is quarried by the natives in the area from the C17th. Now I’m pointing to the ‘gyptera’, which is a symbol of the ancient god – Osiris. A ‘gypt’ is the word we still use to address older people, like grandmother, grandfather – ‘gypt’. (This is used as decoration around the top of the wall.) …to go back to the story of Osiris and his brother Set(h) – the bad guy! – who put Osiris in a coffin and throw him on the ocean, and the ocean take him to the place Phoenicia – Lebanon today – and there, is the cedar tree, grows, and the roots of the cedar tree captured his coffin, later to be found by his beloved sister Isis. She cry until she touch his body and they live together again for a short while – short enough to make a baby, by name, Horus.

(Still in Saqqara) I will take you now to the ‘hospital’ – healing with sound – you see now – that line of construction – like three chambers – it’s what’s left of the House of Spirit, and it’s a healing system with the sound; it’s a medical investigation table and the patient has the right to use any of the stairs, one on the right and one on the left, so he or she has to use his or her own ‘antenna’…to climb up there and  choose the point where she stand because each point is connected to a deep chamber – we have 22 of them, 11 each side, no ceiling – and when you go inside you see a niche where the physician put his head in the niche to see what is the matter with his patient laying on this table; and that works with sound, and the source is running water in a tunnel underneath here – there is a big map of tunnels running underneath here.
“Why collective scholar all learn to say that the Egyptians have put a piece of rope around the block of stone, at least a 60 tonnes weight, and pull and push by animals on wooden blocks – this is what scholars say.

There was no slavery – all workers are.. willingly, pyramids built – this is a qualified people, of architecture, engineer, and they did (this) with all power, like cutting stones, transfer it and use it, and that is clear, and not only the pyramids and the temple walls and many places – you can see that clearly. Pyramids were built not as a tomb – there are some pyramids (of a) different selection, like Saqqara Step Pyramid – that is a tomb.


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