Thursday, July 16, 2015


Cusco has a strange power of attraction for humanity. Cusco means center navel of the world with a radius of 200 km around its epicenter, Cusco will irradiate of universal thought of new intelligence.
Kipu keep knowledge about how to solve hottest problems such as nutrition, social organization, old age, terrorism, all problems that Inkas managed to overcome, thus solving them allowed them to build a colossal culture, a culture that has been interrupted by a historical accident , but which has started to reactivate itself in order to once more met its people’s destiny.
The Inkas left seven libraries of Khiputaqes.
Kipu means knot, volume, book taqe, deposit. 

These huge libraries of storage rooms are situated beneath Cusco and are completely sealed off.
Inkas knew and used up to seven qanchis or writing systems, khipu-kuna or Queloqas, in which one can find everything that happened in the past , everything which is going on now, and all that could take place in the future.
The Tahuanitinsuyu culture with mother tongue Quechua is still spoken today.
Tea coca leaves were used by Inkas as a stimulation to work harder and overcome fatigue. Now is recommended for mountain sickness.
Inka was noble and fair man He was responsible for carrying out and executing the orders which emanated from people of the Tahuantinsuyu. He did not rule in an egocentric way as the Spanish depicted like a life and death Lord.
The Inka way of governing was based on moral and ethical principles.
The Iberic conquistadors discovered that Inka culture was more advanced that the Chinese, Greek and European culture because according to the documents which are in the khipus it is very ancient.
Solar energy is being concentrated 200 km around Cusco. Sacsayhuaman was within this vital energy field.
You have to love the Earth. Tell her about your joys and sorrows, offer yourself as would a child to his mother and she will fully answer you.
How to take Geobath.

Seat yourself down in a solitary place preferably on slighlthy humid soil then lay down on your back booking to the east .
Then you just relax, put your mind in blank and say this prayer. Mother Earth please receive me in your hands. I am your son / daughter ( say your name) and I come to you for your warmth and tenderness don’t reject me, in the name of the Eternal Spirit.

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