Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Oceans are poluted with plastic sound electricity nuclear waiste, oil and garbage . Here are some measures the needs to be taken. Plastics in the oceans should be collected and burned in power plant that producing electricity for human use. Nuclear polutants should be removed from the water and used in scientific research. There should be a ban on dumping nuclear weapons and waste in the oceans. Sound waves testings are the most harmful for the wild life of the oceans. These testings should be stopped made public ware of them and the people responsible removed from their jobs. Points of sound wave tests could be identified using satellites even though they belong to the same countries that own the satelites. Garbage dumping in the ocean should be a thing of the past. Electrical tests with high frequencies in the water and air should stop. The public should be made aware of these polutants. There are people' names that are responsible for these decisions should me made public. A new Era that involve caring for nature and oceans and Animals is going to begin now. All new research should have a test against long term nature sustainability and improvement.

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