Friday, May 25, 2018

Technical Ideograms in Ancient Egypt

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Kermit was the name of the Ancient Egypt
Iron was promoted as a Hittite technology.
There is evidence of prior usage in Kemit.

The ideogram of pure gold
Is a proof that the Egyptians knew that the electrolytic process led to the purest metals.

Plating was common use during ancient t times as evident as by many words for it.

Yet no such words in Coptic (a Greek Egyptian language) have survived.excepr in a reference to Alchemy from a variation of the word
NHB neb. To smelt or work in metal (gold).

Alchemy the transmutation of base metals such as lead in gold.

The origin of the word chemistry is a reference to Egypt and the philosophy concerning the transmutation of the body to an immortal spirit.

The ideogram of the earth is 

and the ground for electricity is 

The Egyptians were fully aware.of the fact that a spark.produced a high frequency discharge and understood the conductive properties of rods and wires.
"The Ankh African origin of Electromagnetism" by Nur Ankh Amen 

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