Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Egypt Forgotten Megalithic Structures

The amazing megaliths of the  Nile Valley that have no archeological activity or recognition are in the following pictures that I took while travelling in Egypt.

 Polygonal masonery in the middle of the river Nile.

 These polygonal masoneries seems to be part of an ancient wall.

 More of the forgotten polygonal masonerry on te river Nile.

 The rocks are too regular to be naturals There seems to be polygonal masonry involved.

 There seems to be part of polygonal masonerybuildings on the banks of the Nile River.
 The river Nile was part of the 4 sacred rivers of the ancinet time with Tiger, Euphrates and Indus rivers.

 Hhese regular shaped stone can be grown stones or part of an ancient builgings.
 These could be natural formations, but could be not.

 Peruvian style megaliths. Is this a wall? Or a part of an ancient building

Colossal ancient Earthworks

 Demolished Megalitic Structures.

What if what we call "the beginning" is really a re-beginning, a rebirth of a culture that spans back to a time where we have lost site it.

All around the world, we find enigmatic megalithic structures and archeological wonders that stand in the way of a uniform understanding of who we are as a people.  



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