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Buildings and People -135 St George Street Toronto Ontario Canada and the Mud Flood Theory

"The building at 135 St George Street, which now houses The York Club, was completed in 1892 as a mansion for George Gooderham, president of the Gooderham and Worts Distillery. The Annex, was then fast becoming a fashonable area. Timothy Eaton had moved there in 1889 and other notables followed. Gooderham named his house “Waveney,” after a river near his birthplace in Norfolk, England.

Architect, David Roberts Jr designed this house in the then popular Romanesque Revival style. The sprawling plan with its corner tower and porte-cochere, is embellished with round-arched openings and elaborate sandstone detailing. The interiors are equally elaborate with an impressive three-storey staircase, mahogany inlayed parquet floors and finely detailed wood finishes. The George Gooderham House is the last surviving example of the mansions that lined Bloor Street in the late 19th century.

Gooderham resided here until his death in 1905, when he was described as the wealthiest man in Ontario, with a personal fortune of $25 million. The York Club, a private club for gentlemen, has owned the property since 1910."

After George Gooderham Sr. died in May 1905, at the age of 75, his widow Harriet Gooderham (née Dean) sold the house and moved to a smaller home at 224 St. George Street.

The York Club is a private social club that was incorporated on November 22, 1909. It is located at 135 St. George Street in The Annex neighbourhood of central Toronto, Ontario, Canada, close to the University of Toronto. 

Now start anomalies.
Are we talking about a flood building below are old pictures  and the present pictures check the fence. how high is now.

Mud Flood Theory:
Is this a building of an old civilization that was erases from this land and occupied at the beginning of the last century of another set of people that have nothing to do with the original owners and just use the real estate and the buildings?

Private Clubs or Expensive Restaurants
York club got this building just like that and is not allowing pictures inside on media. On the door is written private property even though the feeling is of a restaurant.

Guests that use the restaurant/club"
Pamela Wallin greets guests had a party in her honour at the York Club   August 14, 20029See link beloow). Wallin went to New York to be Canada's Council General. (Photo by Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images) other way people that use tax dollar money are using this restaurant/ club.

According to The Globe and Mail
Location: 135 St. George St.
Initiation fee: $17,000
Who's there and why: Classic old-guard club that's trying to reach beyond its roots ( This text say nothing)

 On another site we find that what is really is: a restaurant that is used for weddings sometime, because we found a request for alcohol use in the premises of the property:

The York Club offers a very unique setting in a beautiful and historic building. Its goal is to be guests� �home away from home� when they�re dining out in Toronto. Because The York Club strives to provide an elegant ambiance and atmosphere, it asks guests to dress with discretion and taste, and business attire is required in all dining rooms.
Because The York Club is an exclusive club, entry for non-member guests is only permitted with a member. Members are responsible for ensuring that guests follow all of The York Club�s protocols and that they do not violate the dress code. This ensures that all guests have a pleasant and elegant experience at this delicious restaurant.

The building has been designated as a heritage Building in May 20 1980 probably to avoid demolition.

Toronto used to be named Muddy York from 1700 to 1800, Yorkville where the the house is is a very old area. according to Mud Flood Mystery North  You tube channel See the link below.

It is possible to have been some cataclysms in the past that deposited layers of mud and engulfed these buildings. We have been digging them out and destroying them altogether and give them to other owners.

Other sources state:

"There was a cataclysm as recently as 200-300 years ago covering buildings in layers of mud and earth, and we are not told about it.. Here is a link to the article about the Church in Omaha":

Also, Please check out following channels for more information on World Fairs, Mud Flood and History Falsification:

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 Here are some old pictures of the same building see the street level.


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